Our philosophy

We believe teaching and learning cultural history and heritage should be exciting and easy to grasp. Equally, it should be affordable and easily accessible. Furthermore, we believe cultural heritage surrounds us on a every day basis and that all human beings are disseminators of cultural heritage. We aim to give everyone the means to disseminate their unique knowledge.

We strive to develop new methods for dissemination and we are not afraid to be provocative when doing so. By designing and facilitating hands on dissemination for the pathos, logos and ethos, we will engage those who never thought they had a story to tell. We aim to make our partners and recipients the experts by working head and hands on history.

We work interdisciplinary and use both our competence and network to create innovative, high quality projects. We prefer facilitating over curating, but will not hesitate to curate if we sense a lack of aim or focus.

And last but not least; we work in a serious and joyful manner.

Who we are

Hands on history is a knowledge, experience and action resource bank. The Hands on History team members are experts in teaching, preserving and revitalizing cultural heritage. We work both locally and internationally and have years of experience in developing and managing projects in the cultural heritage field. We have experience in sustainability projects, festival organizing, museum program management and development of educational programs.

What we do

Hands on History develop and run world-wide interdisciplinary projects and small local projects in the field of cultural heritage. Our team members offer both theoretical and practical aid in matters concerning dissemination, preservation and revitalization. We have several years of experience in organizing interactive festivals and events and we work closely with many institutions such as municipalities and museums.

How we do it

Hands on History offer aid in all matters concerning project development and management in the field of cultural heritage. We also offer hands on dissemination of heritage projects. This could be; handy-crafting and cooking workshops and courses, guided hikes in nature and lectures. We are «method tailors» and we will customize our concept to you and to the recipient. Hence, the name «Hands on History». Two of our favorite methods for dissemination are living history and historical reenactment.

The Hands on History Team Members

Rickard Åkesson

- CEO  and Co-Founder -

Rickard has been in the re-enactment scene for close to 20 years, and has extensive experience as a curator and festival organizer. He holds an masters degree in Environmental Science, in addition to a basic studies in archaeology. He spends a lot of time outdoors, trekking and sailing traditional boats. He is known to be thorough and precise. In addition, he is an excellent crafter.
Phone: +47 404 70 230

Heidi Brimi

- Producer and Co-Founder -

Heidi Brimi is a long time producer and archaeologist. With over 25 years of experience with museum work and other cultural institutions, she has extensive theoretical and practical knowledge about the sector.
Strategic, interdisciplinary work with process management and development are some of her areas of expertise.
Phone: +47 932 17 739

Tautvydas Rasiulis

- Director of photograpy -

Tautvydas is a visual storyteller with over 14 years of experience. He established his own video production company Videokultūra in his hometown Vilnius, Lithuania a few years ago and works mainly with commercial projects.
Humour and travel are the main sources of inspiration for this guy. Being a part of the Hands on History team gives him the perfect opportunity to travel both in time and place.

Niek van Eck

- Archaeologist and guide -

Officially an archaeologist, Niek has dedicated his life to sharing historical beauty. By having worked in a wide variety of museums and cultural institutions, from guide to manager, plus a background as entertainer, he has developed a creative and interdisciplinary way of teaching, talking and thinking.

June-Marita Hagen

- Consultant and guide -

June-Marita have a bachelors degree in archaeology, and background from farmer school and nature conservation.
Growing up in the north of Norway, mountain hikes and reindeer herding is a big part of her background. Today June is the leader for Trondheim Vikinglag. She have been an active reenactor for many years, hosting historical markets and teaches others about the viking age.

Črtomir Harald Lorenčič

- Archaeologist -

Črtomir is a heritage communicator, artisan and writer, with an MSc in Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture. He has spent the last 6 years researching, demonstrating and teaching ancient crafts, coordinating international projects, helping museums create powerful stories, as well as performing at living history events in Europe, Russia and the US. His superpower is translating serious scientific research into something that you want to hear, read or see.
His motto is: "Where skill meets science and stories are made."

Tonje Årolilja Størseth Digre

- Consultant and guide -

Tonje is a dissemination expert who have studied history, art history, old Norse language, runology and religions studies and have worked in museums for over ten years. Growing up in the countryside she has always been fond of nature and animals. Tonje have been part of the reenactment scene for almost ten years, conveying history and being part of organizing events and festivals. Se is now one of the leaders of Trondheim Vikinglags dissemination group.

Ask Stav

- Production assistant -

Ask is an art and game design student, and the Jack-of-all-trades in Hands on History. He helps out with practical issues, logistics and dissemination tasks during events and with the production of digital material.