Who are we?

Hands on history is a knowledge and action resource bank. The Hands on History team members are experts in dissemination, preservation and revitalization of cultural heritage. We work both locally and internationally and have years of experience in developing and managing projects in the cultural heritage field. We have experience in sustainability projects, festival organizing, museum program management and development of educational programs.

What do we do?

Hands on History develop and run world-wide interdisciplinary projects and small local projects in the cultural heritage field. Our team members offer both theoretical and practical aid in manners concerning dissemination, preservation and revitalization. We have several years of experience in organizing interactive festivals and events and we work closely with many institutions such as municipalities and museums.

How do we do this?

Hans on History offer conceptual design, consultant work, research aid, lectures, workshops, project coordination and project management in the cultural heritage field. We also offer hands on dissemination. This could be; handy-crafting and cooking workshops and courses, guided hikes in nature and lectures. We are «method tailors» and will customize the concept both for and with the recipient. Hence, the name «Hands on history». Two of our favorite methods is living history and historical re-enactment.