We are proud to announce the recipients of the Travelling Foundation funds for 2018!

Grand total 1154 €

  • Michal from Czech Republic travelling to Gudvangen, Norway

“Michal’s group seems interested in exploring Living history. Michal is eager to learn and to establish a network. The jury emphasizes the applicants willingness to go deep in the search of new material and knowledge” – Jury statement

  • Stefanie & Tobi from Germany travelling to Birka, Sweden

“Stefanie and Tobi seem detail – and target oriented. They strive to make their clothes and gear look as good as possible. They manage to convince the jury that they know what they want and how to get there” – Jury statement

  • Jarosław, Pavel and Olga from Russia travelling to Stockholm, Sweden

“This seems like a fun group of friends who are serious about re-enactment and living history. They seem eager to explore Scandinavia and we are certain they will bring some of their knowledge and skill with them” – Jury statement

Presenting the jury for the Re-enactors Travelling Foundation 2018!

Astri Bryde from Norway

Christoffer Cold-Ravnkilde from Denmark

Fredrik Nihlén from Sweden

The ReenactorsTravelling Foundation

Our goal with The Reenactors Travelling Foundation is to aid Viking and medieval reenactors who for financial reasons are unable to travel to historical events. It´s possible for both groups and individuals to apply. The travelers may be located anywhere in the world – the destination is Norway and/or Sweden.

The reenactment scene is a vast network of skilled enthusiasts. Many of these enthusiasts will never get the opportunity to share their knowledge, develop their skills, experience the event atmosphere and enlarge their network. By donating to The Reenactors Travelling Foundation you will make dreams come true.

How does it work?

Hands on History will kick-start the donation-round with 300 Euro. Now, it`s up to the good citizens of the world to make this sum grow to a respectable level. The crowd funding will run from October to January. When we know the grand total, the jury will start looking at the applications. The jury will consist of one HoH member and three anonymous reenactors from different countries and different reenactment societies. The jury will base their decision on: The size of the grand total and how it can be divided between applicants in a sensible way and the reenactors application. They will reach their decision by mid February.

The grant will cover transportation costs. If necessary, the Hands on History team members will help the traveler to sign up/get approval for participation in events. We will make sure the traveler is welcomed.

All grant receivers will be encouraged to write a travelogue with pictures that will be published during and after their journey.

Receivers in 2017

Tanya Sofronova (with family) from Russia
Ľubomír Novák and Karel Sýkora from Czech Republic
Andrea Box from Australia
Elisabeth Liljenzin from Sweden
Sergey Tereshkov from Russia
Thomas and Jani Lenior from Holland