Learn blacksmithing from a true master - at Kvarnfall farm in Sweden

In October 2017 the master blacksmith Götz Breitenbücher will open his home and smithy to 4 lucky participants. This is your chance to learn blacksmithing and to experience self-sufficient farm life.

The course runs for 5 days, with the possibility to stay on for another 5 days. An extra 5 days will allow you to go deeper in skill and understanding. Both newbies and more advanced black smith enthusiasts are welcome to sign up.

«I will consider each participants individual level and adapt the program there after – all participants will get an individual step-by-step plan. This is also why I only allow 4 participants in total, so I can go through all the steps as many times as necessary. The goal of this course is not to teach you how to make a nice candle holder to bring home, I will teach you how to forge – in a work efficient, ergonomic and power efficient way» – Götz

Kvarnfall farm

The course will take place at Kvarnfall farm in Kopparberga, Sweden. As a participant you will forge for about 8 hours each day. You will also get the opportunity to join in and learn about eco farm work.

“We grow our own food and make our own beer. This is what we will serve the participants” – Mari

Götz and his girlfriend Mari have been doing self sufficient farming for many years. Their farm is located in the remote Swedish forest, next to fishing lakes and wild forest with wolfs. The farm consists of a resideltial house, Göts´s smithy workshop, Mari´s leather workshop, a vegetable garden, an out door privy and a small barn for animals like sheep, chickens, ducks and horses. There is also their sheep herding dog Pash.

Available dates

5 day option:
10th - 15 th of October 2017 // 15th -20th of October 2017

10 day option:
10th - 20th of October 2017

Apply and register now!

Send to: ingrid@handsonhistory.no
your email should contain:
- Name, age, location
- Tell us if you want to join for 5 or 10 days
- A short description of yourself
- A few words about your previous experience and about what you wish to learn


5 days : 7500 NOK

13 days : 13 000 NOK

All materials and tools are included in the price. The home cooked food (three meals each day) is also included. The food is organic, and can be non-vegetarian or vegetarian. Accommodation and fire wood is also included in the price, so is all local transportation and all transportation during your stay. This means all you have to do is get to the nearest train station to Kopparberg, and Gøtz will pick you up.