Sølen mountain massif

Sølen mountain massif.

The Mistra watercourse.

Remains of a 1000 year old trapping system for reindeer.

Sølen mountain pass. A trapping system is strategically placed across the pass.

Bowman's hide close to the Sølen mountain pass.

The Sølen landscape protection area was established on 18th February 2011 and covers an area of ​​456.4 km2, which is entirely located in the municipality of Rendalen. This is one of Innlandet’s most distinctive mountain areas. The purpose of the protection is to preserve a natural and cultural landscape where, among other things, the Mistra watercourse, the Sølen massif and the landscape space around Lake Sølen have particularly great landscape qualities.

There are significant values ​​associated with cultural environments and cultural heritage sites, especially cultural heritage sites associated with hunting facilities for wild reindeer and moose. The reindeer was the reason why the first people settled in the area.

The project involved mapping of both natural and cultural historical data in the the landscape protection area Sølen. Both quaternary geology, natural and cultural heritage were given attention to enable the intermediaries to tell the truly great history of the area and to illustrate the historical depth of the landscape. Pitfalls, bowman’s hides and mass trapping systems for the former hunting of moose and wild reindeer and the archeology of the area were given special attention.

We held a guide course and provided an experiential compendium for use in further development of dissemination concepts.