Go on a Viking Hike with Hands on History

Join Hands on History on a Viking hike in the Norwegian mountains and explore nature, survival, cooking and cultural heritage - the viking way.

«Go Viking» is a five day trip with a three day hike in Trollheimen, in the heart of Norway. This route is famous for its wild nature and is packed with cultural heritage sites dating back to the ice age. You will get the opportunity to travel Viking style; with authentic gear and clothes. Experience how man has survived in nature and discover the traces of the past. Learn how to prepare food and cook meals over an open fire, sleep under the stars and join us in sharing songs and tales.

Our team members have many years of experience organizing guided nature hikes. The hike will be both exciting, immersive and educational.

Who can join?

You don´t have to be an athlete to join the hike, but you should be able to walk for about 10 km in the terrain each day. Most of the hike is not on a path. You have to be prepared to sleep outside two out of four nights. It does not matter if you have experience in historical re-enactment or not. We will provide and lend you all necessary clothes, sleeping gear and other equipment needed for a immersive experience.

Bringing your own equipment
There is a possibility to bring equipment of your own but all items must be approved by us on beforehand. Since we can't risk any accidents or injuries (or you getting cold) due to bad equipment, we consider your personal gear in regard of both safety and authenticity. We also want to avoid that you or any of the other participants get annoyed or mislead by equipment or clothing that was not used during the Viking age. If you have something that you would like to bring, please send us detailed pictures. You are welcome to send us archaeological references if you don't agree with our decision.
Authentic Viking turn shoes/leather shoes are not allowed during the hike. This is a matter of safety. Modern hiking boots are required. You are allowed to bring Viking shoes in addition, to be used around the camp during evenings and mornings.
Bringing your own equipment does not reduce the price for the hike.

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Available dates 2021:

June 30th to July 4th

August 4th to 8th

Price: NOK 10.500,-  covers rent for all the historical gear and clothes, all food, cabin rent and local transportation.

Practical information

Arrival and departure: We will pick up the participants at Trondheim Central station at 3 PM the first day. You have to be there in time. We will not be able to pick anybody up after 3 PM, and there is no public transport to the site. We will be back in Trondheim by 3 PM on the last day.

Questions? Give us a call at +47 93217739 (UTC/GMT +1 hour) or sen an email to goviking@handsonhistory.no

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