Ole & Anna - Sami culture in 2017A project about Humor in Museums

Ingrid Galadriel believes museums avoid using humor in dissemination and communication because they are afraid “humor will undermine their authority”. The project “Ole & Anna – Sami culture in 2017” shows how to use humor as a dissemination instrument in museum education and communication.

With this project, Ingrid wanted to investigate what communication strategies museums should take use of if their goal is to foster interactivity, engage visitors and inspire to debate. Furthermore, Ingrid claims that the “right kind of humor” as a dissemination method will develop and strengthen the museum authority, rather than weakening it.

The project resulted in an educational program for kids. The kids join Ingrid (facilitator) and actor Sveinung in a Lavvo. The kids get the opportunity to immerse in the story about the Sami couple Ole and Anna. Ole is asked to help with Anna`s reindeers. The problem is he does not know anything about out door life. Through improvised theatre techniques and cartoon drawings, the kids take part in telling the story.

“Ole & Anna” is a practice based research project and consisted of several stages of workshops and sessions with test groups. The project was developed by Ingrid Galadriel in co-operation with representatives from the Sami community in Mid-Norway and actor Sveinung Næss. The project was conducted at Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum. The final product will tour Norway in 2017 and 2018. The project is financed by Fritt Ord and NTNU and is a part of the master’s program in drama/theatre at the NTNU University in Trondheim.