Norwegian Forum for Experimental Archaeology

The 21th -23rd of september 2017 Hands on History hosted a hands on gathering for Experimental Archaeology enthusiasts. The NFEA gathering was a three day seminar with talks, workshops and experiments where theoretical researchers, archaeologists, crafters and re-enactors met to share their experiences in Experimental Archaeology.

The Bell Foundry

During the recent excavations in the city centre of Trondheim the archaeologists at NIKU found a variety of exiting artifacts, among them a bell foundry form the 19th century. The time has come to reconstruct it.

Gear for Trekking

Hands on History will share their experience in making and using equipment for Viking age Historical trekking. Learn what to make and how to use it, and get details about the processes.

Tools and Woodwork

The crafters at Stiklastadir just finished yet another wooden medieval house using authentic period appropriate tools. Listen in as they share their experiences and have a go with an axe or two.

A meal from the Past

Learn all about interpreting food and food culture with culinary archaeologist Daniel Serra. Daniel will share his recent discoveries and host some exciting cooking experiments.