We believe that the future can be improved upon significantly by exploring the past. Looking back does in fact not always mean standing still, and a way of living now lost to us may contain valuable lessons about living sustainable and happy lives. From our many hands-on experiences we know it works. It is through re-living, re-enacting, and re-experiencing elements of the past that we can create a better future. That, and much more, is exactly what we will be doing during the 2022 ReConference at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum) in Oslo.

The museum will feature as the perfect, in both a practical and symbolic sense, gathering point for our event. Amidst the splendour of the museum’s rich collection of artefacts and architecture we take a democratic approach to the past, breaking down the barriers which separate the public, organizers, participants, and academics, from truly synergizing in their efforts to make archaeology and history work. Our conference will host a multidisciplinary group of heritage professionals, all experts in their respective fields, who all operate at the cutting edge of historical engagement. The speakers on our list represent many disciplines such as academia, the music industry, contemporary subcultures and, of course, re-enactors as well as living historians. Our ReConference is gearing up to be an intellectual and innovative environment where we can lay the foundations for the future of practical heritage engagement through re-enactment and living history, as well as have loads of fun doing what we do best.

Not only do we aim to stimulate academical debate, but we will also go straight out into the field utilizing the museums vast property to directly share our ideas with the visiting public, and in turn be directly inspired by them as well. During our Sunday program we get our hands dirty by taking the discussion out of the conference rooms straight into the field. In close cooperation with the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History we will dedicate the entire Sunday to organizing an Interactive Living Heritage Experience, spread throughout the museum property, for participant, visitor, and organizer alike! This day will include puzzles, games, lectures, demonstrations, market sales, and more. It will be our attempt at demonstrating the unique synergy that exists between all those individual components which make up Living History and heritage engagement. We will get as hands-on as we can!

Indeed, the past is a powerful place, the stories we find there play a large role in people’s lives. We know that with a hands-on approach to the past, we can shape that future into something worth writing history about.

We can’t wait to see you there!

PS: Of course, attending is the best way to enjoy the conference, but our livestream will ensure that everyone with an interest in the past will be able to partake in this amazing experience.


Yours historically,

The Hands on History Team