The Viking way 2016

In June 2016, the project managers of Hands on History and Trondheim Vikinglag organized a one week reenactment event - The Viking Way. The event was located in the deep Norwegian forest of Trøndelag and had 120 participants. In the event we wanted to reenact a group of traveling Vikings living in a temporary settlement, living in and surviving off nature. During the week we had over 20 craft projects going, such as: turning wood and tanning skins, cooking, blacksmithing, making beer and stone lamps, pottery and iron production. When the event opened to the public on Saturday and Sunday the same projects were still going - this time with all participants, for all participants and the visiting public. Marketing the event, we made one simple promise to the visiting public: the promise of dirty hands.
Based on our experience with organizing The Trondheim Viking market we wanted to create a new concept for reenactment events. With no commercial aspects and “crafting and survival” as the main theme we managed to make an event like no other. Our goal was to develop new methods for dissemination and to document the event in various formats. We made five movies documenting crafts and social activities. A book with articles on dissemination, reenactment and experimental archeology, written by the many skilled participants - will soon be published.

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