Vikings: the Rise and Fall

Hands on History has been working together with SWR Media to create a documentary by the name of Vikings: the Rise and Fall.

Together with a team of living history experts we ventured to the wonderful Ribe Vikingecenter where we immersed ourselves a whole week in the Viking Age (all of it). It turned out to be one of the most exciting and intense projects we have pulled off, and the result speaks for itself!

The documentary will be a 6 part, 6 hour long cross section of the Viking Age and we have made sure that it will look the best it possibly can. All our efforts are narrated by some of the absolute top academics in the field. So stay tuned for more, as there’s a whole lot of awesome content just around the corner.

Last but certainly not least, we want to thank all of those who were present with us during the shoot and working in unison to create something special. There are too many heros to mention, but let it be clear that this has been a collaborative effort which demonstrates the awesome potential residing in those who completely commit themselves to recreating and understanding the past. It has been our privilege to facilitate that passion and skill, as well as share unforgettable moments.