ReConference Livestream


Make the stream come true!


ReConference is a three day international, interdisciplinary conference on the topics of re-enactment and living history. Our aim is to examine and develop the re-enactment scene – the many topics of historical re-enactment and living history – through talks, workshops and panel discussions.

The conference takes place at the National Museum in Copenhagen the 2nd – 4th of November 2018. We are sold out. However, in the age of modern technology it is stil possible for many, many more to enjoy the contents of this conference. Please help us raise money to pull of a spectacular livesteam of the conference, so we can share the knowledge being shared!

We are working with Erik Wildeman Visuals (Netherlands) and Nanna Thorulf (Denmark).  They are both putting down heaps of work for free, but as you probably understand: organizing a professional livestream is expensive!

All the money from the donations will go directly to cover expenses for travel, transport and gear. This is estimated to 2 500 €

The stream will be available online world wide. If you can’t watch it while its live, you can go back and watch the content later. All talks and panels will be filmed.